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Welcome to our page of memories!
.I hope you enjoy our page of photo memories.  We have a mixture of many good memories. I can truly say, "I THANK MY GOD UPON EVERY REMEMBRANCE OF YOU."    PHILIPPIANS 1:3     I am so privileged to have had almost 30 years of a great marriage and two wonderful sons.  I was not ready to give Gary back to the Lord, but I know he is with the Lord in heaven today.    Because of my relationship with the Lord, I too, will be reunited with him someday in glory.  Praise the Lord for the hope that we have in Christ!  Gary loved the Lord.  He was a good father and husband.  I thank the Lord for the years that He gave us together here on this earth! 


Our son, John's Ohio State University Graduation 1997

Our son, Jami's Akron University Graduation 2000

Enjoying being together!

First Cousin Bosley Reunion 2001 (Gary was years younger than any of his first cousins)

OUR SONS ENJOYING FLORIDA FISHING! (both remind me they have been dieting so these pictures aren't accurate!)

John, our Canton City Policeman (Receiving a Rescue Award)

My retirement quilt from Mt. Hope Elementary May 2008

Gary and Stetson (Gary loved animals)

Jami and John hanging out at Jami's Wedding

John, the family hunter, and Big Tom

Gary's Brothers and their Wives: Marsh, Mary Lou, Gary, Ruthann, Molly and Dewey

Jami signing a full ride basketball scholarship for Ohio State University

Jami's Senior Basketball Night at Jackson High School 1995

John's Senior Basketball Night at Jackson High School 1992

Jami#40, John #44 (play together on Jackson's Varsity 1991-92) #44 was given to Jami after John's graduation and retired in 1995 when Jami graduated.

Jami playing for the Ohio State Buckeyes (Photo taken from the Columbus Dispatch)

Jami shooting for the University of Akron

Jami's Senior Basketball Night at University of Akron

Playing In Europe for three summers! (Does anyone take pictures or speak English?)

Aunt Norma, Jami and Ruthann at Jami's Wedding

Jami hanging out with Dad and Mom

John, sworn in as a Canton City Policeman, August 1999

Together and Loving It!

Relaxing in Tennessee

Grandkids are the best!!! Mother's Day 2012

OUR WEDDING, April 21, 1973,( Fresno Bible Church) My parents, Gary and I, Gary's Mother and Brother, Marsh

I received my MASTER'S DEGREE. Gary was my biggest "cheerleader" and insisted I stick with it! May 1984

"Train up a child in the way he should go." Proverbs 22:6