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Ruthann is a retired elementary teacher, speaker and a former children's ministry director.  She received her BA from Cedarville University, her MS from Heritage University with additional hours from Ashland University. She completed the ministry course of study at Ohio Methodist Theological School in Delaware, Ohio.   She also works as a volunteer with cancer patients and grief ministries under Pastoral Ministries at Aultman Hospital.  At the present time Ruthann is getting ready to retire from the pastorate position in two rural churches.  Therefore, she is also available for pulpit supply.

Why A Book?

Several years ago, Gary planted the idea that someday I should write a book.  During his short illness of a rare and aggressive cancer and his sudden homegoing, the Lord gently laid it on my heart that I should write a book.  After I started accepting speaking engagements, people said to me, "You really should write a book!"  I prayed about it, and with the Lord's guidance, VICTORY IN THE VALLEYS was written.  It is my prayer that through this book, you will see and understand the place that Jesus Christ has in the lives of an everyday couple.  Over the years, just like all of you, we have had our valleys.  But the Lord always gave us  our victories as we trusted in Him.  It is my prayer that Jesus Christ will be honored through the publishing of VICTORY IN THE VALLEYS!


UPDATE:  Just this past year, it was suggested that the book be updated. Much has happened in the past 12 years.  God is good and 60 pages have been added!!


What is Victory in the Valleys about?

Victory in the Valleys is written in three parts. Ruthann shares their family's struggles of life with seizures, the heartaches and joys of Godly parenting, which includes the ups and downs of a "star" basketball player.  The book also shares the emotions and  the shock of aggressive cancer, the homegoing of a spouse and the pain of dealing with grief. The final section includes beginnning a new stage of life and some helpful tips for those dealing with grief.


The newest section adds a four part to the book. It expresses the central theme that life does move on and life can be good, even though circumstances might be diffiicult.